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Multilingual Software and Linguistic Resources

You are welcome to suggest your software or linguistic resources provided they represent one of the following: multilingual linguistic and language software; translation, dictionary, and spell-checker software; OCR, multilingual fonts and localization/keyboard software, translation and linguistic services.

We cover, in particular, the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Farsi, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, etc.  

Linvistica - Linguistic/language products and services
Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation
Free Translation 1-800-Translate Fast, accurate translation interpretation, and localization in 148 languages.
BeTranslated Translation Services - English, French, Dutch (Flemish), Spanish and German.
ALS Translation - Language translation by human translators.
Language Translation Services - High quality, affordable translation from/to almost all world languages.
Translation, Interpreting and Foreign Languages.
1-language.com - Free online resources for learning English.
Russian Translation USA

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