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Although this web site is strictly about Ukrainian computer software, we decided to keep this Ukrainian resources page a little bit more open to some other matters, like Ukrainian portals, businesses, organizations, etc. Still, please remain focused, and suggest Ukraine-related resources only.   

Ukrainian Servers / Portals / Information Websites

These two are most popular Ukraine-related portals:  

InfoUkes (Toronto)

They have information on virtually everything/anything that relates to Ukraine.


These are some interesting and useful business Web sites offering Ukraine-related product and services, like gifts, travel, printed materials, dating and adoption services, etc: - send flowers and gifts to Ukraine: flower arrangements and roses; fruit and grocery baskets; chocolates, cakes, and candies; plush toys; champagne, wine, and liquors; perfumes and cosmetics; balloons, etc.
Ukrainian Web - Ukraine-related Products and Services.
All Things Ukrainian
Ukrainian-Russian-English Translation Service

Organizations, Education, Miscellaneous

The Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation
Ukrainian SoccerNet

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