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Learn languages with TeLL me More®, the world's leader in language learning software!

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English - Spanish - Chinese - Japanese - French - German - Italian - Dutch - Arabic


Auralog, the publisher of the award-winning software TELL ME MORE®, is the first company in the world to apply speech recognition technology to language learning software and is now the global leader in the field.

  • Over 5 million satisfied users worldwide.

  • Global leaders and government agencies have placed their trust in TELL ME MORE® : U.S. State Department, U.S. Government, FBI, Canadian Federal Government, EDS, BMW, Carnival Cruise Lines, Mercedes, Telefónica, …

  • Used every day in more than 10,000 Academic Institutions.

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Tell me More award-winningeducational software from Learn SpanishEnglish Chinese Japanese, French, German, Italian, etc

The TELL ME MORE® immersion method is based on years of academic research and is aligned for ease of use. The program centers on developing the specific skills needed to succeed in learning a language, including: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Auralog offers solutions that fit all your language learning, language teaching, or language training needs, with up to 2,000 hours of language learning content and 37 different types of engaging activities.

TELL ME MORE® offers more hours of content, in a wider variety of activities and skill levels, than any other program available. Equally effective for the beginning learner or the advanced speaker, TELL ME MORE® promotes advancement at all stages of language learning.

  • Tell me More: language learning softwareLanguages: English (ESL), Spanish (Latin America, Spain), Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic.
  • All 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Hundreds of hours of language learning, reading, writing, listening,  speaking,  exercising, and culture.
  • Thousands of interactive exercises organized in 37 different types of activities.
  • The intelligent software evaluates your progress as you learn the language, and uses your results to suggest the activities and exercises best suited to your needs, just as a teacher would do. 
  • 3 alternative learning modes to help personalize your learning process: the Dynamic Mode, the Guided Mode, and the Free-to-Roam Mode.
  • State-of-the-art speech recognition technology enables you to evaluate your pronunciation, and automatically detects and corrects your errors using S.E.T.S.® technology.
  • The Lesson Workshop organizes activities by topic.
  • The Grammar and Vocabulary Workshops include sets of exercises linked to grammar rules, verb conjugations, and key vocabulary words (classified by either topic or level).
  • The Written Workshop includes sets of exercises designed to help you improve your written expression.
  • The Oral Workshop contains numerous dialogues and interactive videos focusing on both oral comprehension and expression.
  • 3D animations illustrate the movements of the lips and mouth to help improve your pronunciation.
  • Video activities.
  • For more specific info on individual packages/languages, check these pages:

    TeLL me More Spanish, TeLL me More Chinese, TeLL me More English,
    TeLL me More Japanese, TeLL me More French, TeLL me More German,
    TeLL me More Italian , TeLL me More Dutch , TeLL me More Arabic

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learn japanese language  Learn Japanese language with:

Part #: 5-007-1-AL
Japanese Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online Japanese learning software        

learn spanish language  Learn Spanish language with:
Intelligent Solution
Part #: 6-005-123-AL
Spanish Learning Software (Latin America, Spain)

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...

Order online Spanish learning software       

learn chinese language  Learn Chinese language with:
Part #: 5-006-1-AL
Chinese Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online Chinese learning software        

learn english language  Learn English language with:
Intelligent Solution
Part #: 6-001-123-AL
English Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online English learning software        

learn french language  Learn French language with:
 Intelligent Solution
Part #: 6-002-123-AL
French Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online French learning software        

learn german language  Learn German language with:
 Intelligent Solution
Part #: 6-003-123-AL
German Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online German learning software        

learn italian language  Learn Italian language with:
 Intelligent Solution
Part #: 6-004-123-AL
Italian Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online Italian learning software        

learn dutch language  Learn Dutch language with:
TeLL me More DUTCH
Part #: 7-008-123-AL
Dutch Learning Software

$195.00                       (!) Features and Requirements >> ...    

Order online Dutch learning software       

learn Arabic language  Learn Arabic language with:
TeLL me More ARABIC             

Arabic Learning Software                           (!) Features and Requirements >> ...

Complete Beginner-Beginner Intermediate-Advanced      Complete Pack (All Levels)
Part #: 5-009-12-AL Part #: 5-009-34-AL Part #: 5-009-1234-AL
$195.00 $195.00 $329.00
Order online Arabic learning software     Order online Arabic learning software     Order online Arabic learning software    


TeLL me More®, the world's leading language learning software:

  • 5 million satisfied users worldwide
  • 10,000 Academic Institutions
  • 300 of the world's leading organizations
  • Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best language learning software
  • Eddie Awards (USA)
  • Brandon Hall Excellence in e-Learning Award
  • etc.

educational softwarelearning softwarelanguage software language learning software award-winning softwarelanguage software Tell me More  Auralog software

Hear what the experts say about TeLL me More®:

"TeLL me More® is the best software option available. [It] is a superior package that will inspire you to improve your skills, no matter what your starting level is. With the finest speech recognition tools, goal setting abilities, and support - TeLL me More® is clearly the leader in... language learning." - Top Ten Reviews, 2005

"It's probably the closest thing to a live human tutor on the market today." -

"TeLL me More® is without a doubt an effective language learning program that makes use of audio-visual technologies as well as voice recognition and automated assessment." - Rim Zahra and Rassam Zahra, The School of Education, The University of California

"TeLL me More® is the most complete program we found. It accomplishes everything we were hoping to find in a language learning software application." - Eurwook Park, Bryant University, Rhode Island

"I have witnessed over the last two months that students are learning very well with this [program] compared to any other software program we've used. Seeing their success makes me want to describe this phenomenon and then share and discuss the reasons for it with colleagues."
- Mark Mankowski, Instructor, Milwaukee Area Technical College

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