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Translate: email; instant messages; MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents; blog; web pages/sites (when browsing, for publishing, and dynamic on-the-fly translation); entire file folders; Adobe PDF, DOC, HTML, XML, RTF, and text-only TXT files; Outlook email.

Language Pairs: Espa˝ol-FrancÚs, Franšais-Espagnol, Espa˝ol-Italiano, Italiano-Spagnolo, Franšais-Allemand, Deutsch-Franz÷sisch, Franšais-Italien, Italiano-Francese, Deutsch-Italienisch, Italiano-Tedesco

The LEC Translate family of machine translation systems, which has been around since 1990, features an outstanding  automatic translation engine for European and Asian languages. This software is used by more than 3 million customers worldwide, including US Navy, US Army, FBI, Sony, General Electric, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Micromedia, Apple Computer, IBM, KLM, NEC, General Motors, Motorola, Mitsui, Kodiak, JVC, thousands of other companies, government agencies, hospitals, universities, and schools. (To find out what our customers say about LEC Translate, click here >>)


LEC translate spanish translation softwareLEC Translate

Translation Software:
Spanish to/from French,
Spanish to/from Italian,
French to/from German,
French to/from Italian,
German to/from Italian.
ę Language Engineering Co.

Translate Pro is the ultimate in power and flexibility. Translate Pro translates:

Ľ Documents Ľ Emails
Ľ Websites Ľ Chat
Ľ Blogs Ľ Instant Messages

PLUSŚYou Get These Added ôProö Features:

  • Translate multiple documents with one click. [Place a set of documents in a folder, select the folder, and Translate Pro will translate the entire set while you work on other projects.]
  • Create new dictionaries with your own terms and translations. [Quickly and easily add words or translations not already in the main dictionaries. This allows you to increase the accuracy of translations and create a dictionary tailored to your needs.]
  • Translate the widest range of file formats in the industry, including PDF


Our onscreen menus and toolbars let you translate quickly and effortlessly translate virtually any file format:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • HTML
  • XML
  • TXT
  • PDF
  • DOC
  • RTF

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP.
European Languages   LEC translate spanish translation software  LEC translate french translation software  LEC translate italian translation software  LEC translate german translation software

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Internet Orders:

LEC Translate Spanish-French Pro

Spanish to/from French Translation Software
Software de Traducciˇn: Espa˝ol-FrancÚs-Espa˝ol
Logiciel De Traduction : Franšais-Espagnol-Franšais

$399 00 
LEC Translate Spanish translation software
LEC Translate Spanish-Italian Pro

Spanish to/from Italian Translation Software
Software de Traducciˇn: Espa˝ol-Italiano-Espa˝ol
Software Di Traduzione: Italiano-Spagnolo-Italiano

$399 00 
LEC Translate Spanish translation software
LEC Translate French-German Pro

French to/from German Translation Software
Logiciel De Traduction: Franšais-Allemand-
▄bersetzung Software:

$399 00 
LEC Translate Spanish translation software

LEC Translate French-Italian Pro

French to/from Italian Translation Software
Logiciel De Traduction: Franšais-Italien-
Software Di Traduzione:

$399 00 
LEC Translate Spanish translation software

LEC Translate German-Italian Pro

French to/from Italian Translation Software
▄bersetzung Software: Deutsch-Italienisch-
Software Di Traduzione:

$399 00 
LEC Translate Spanish translation software

Multilingual Packages

The non-English language pairs listed above can also be found in the LEC Translate European Pro and LEC Translate Magellan Pro multilingual packages.

For more information on LEC Translate Euro and Magellan, click here.

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